Wisconsin Dells' Premier Fishing Guide Service

The Dells Area is Stunning!

Experience the unparalleled natural beauty of the Wisconsin Dells area beyond its renowned waterparks and shopping destinations. Nestled along the magnificent Wisconsin River, this picturesque region boasts some of the most captivating scenery in all of Wisconsin. Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets, while witnessing an abundance of wildlife thriving along the pristine shores. Prepare to encounter magnificent Bald Eagles, graceful Deer, industrious Beavers, elegant Cranes, and a diverse array of waterfowl. Marvel at the ancient sandstone rock formations that grace the upper and lower reaches of the Wisconsin River, their formation dating back an astonishing 18,000 years!

Species Targeted

Discover the untapped potential of the Wisconsin River in the vicinity of the Wisconsin Dells area with our esteemed fishing guide service. With a specialization in targeting prized species such as walleyes, smallmouth bass, and muskies, I offer unparalleled expertise and knowledge. As staunch advocates of responsible angling, we wholeheartedly endorse the catch and release philosophy for all muskies and smallmouth, while also encouraging the preservation of trophy-sized walleyes (please note that walleyes ranging from 15 to 20 inches are considered fair game for the dinner table). It is essential to recognize that achieving trophy potential for these three species requires considerable time and patience in our waters.

Important Information

Items to Bring

  • Food and drinks. Please no glass on the boat.
  • Appropriate attire for weather conditions. This includes insect repellent, sunscreen, rain gear, sunglasses etc.

Keeping Fish

While most species will be catch and release ie muskies, smallmouth/largemouth bass, sturgeon, northern pike. Large over the slot walleyes is encouraged to keep the best genetics spawning. Any other fish if you’d like to keep I will gladly clean for you. If you do plan on keeping fish, please bring a cooler with ice to store your catch after it is filleted.

Fishing Licenses are not included

You can purchase your fishing license on the Wisconsin DNR website, a digital copy is all that’s required for inland waters.
Fishing licensed can be purchased online at https://gowild.wi.gov/
If you have never had a Wisconsin fishing license, you can select create a new account . If you have, but forgot your name or password you can select account lookup and use the easy options to find your account. Schleefs bait shop in Lake Delton can also issue printed fishing licenses.


Gratuity is not included in my fees, but is greatly appreciated. I will strive to give you the best service and try to put you in the best position to catch what you want to target.

Smallmouth bass fishing with Kilbourn Guide Service